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Dear Concord Students and Families,

I am honored to lead a school with such persevering students, an extremely dedicated staff, and a supportive school community.  I feel very fortunate to be part of this school and to support the students and families. 

I have been dedicated to the field of education for more than twenty years with a vast experience in both the British & American International Education Systems. I believe that a team leader with proven abilities can create and maintain policies that promote a productive learning environment, in addition to ensuring, a school culture that encourages continuous improvement for teachers and students, mentors educators to sustain a high level of performance, and manages different school systems that promote both academic and personal aptitudes of students.

I view education as a life-long process and I continue to learn every year from our students, teachers, and parents. Most importantly, I believe that students are at the center of all school-related decisions.  Because the relationships between families and the school are vital to the success of our students I encourage you to become involved in every way possible. 

Marwa Hammad 
School Principal