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  • The teachers follow the Common Core Standards.  
  • Students are required to learn and apply the skills and concepts not memories the material. 
  • Students will learn and apply critical thinking strategies, and 21st Century skills. 
  • Teaching and learning process follows five phases: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.
  • Teachers create student centered classrooms applying the humanitarian approach using: 

              Games / Mind Maps
              Songs /Movies 
              Note taking skills
              Cooperative learning structures

Course Description:

 Concord’s Literature course is designed to provide a student-centered learning environment where students: 

  • Analyze texts 
  • Cite evidence 
  • Respond critically about their learning

Students will take ownership of their learning through: 

  • Goal setting 
  • Reflection 
  • Activities that allow students’ collaboration with their peers. 


Course Description:

  • The course book is aligned with the common core standards that covers all the standards required for each grade level, preparing the students for their standardized exams
  • HMH Into Math was created to ensure growth for each and every student.
  • The journey towards a true depth of understanding and a culture of growth in every mathematics classroom becomes an achievable reality with Into Math.


Course description:

  • Elevate Science helps you transform learning, promote innovation, and manage your classroom. 
  • It elevates teaching to a new level with student-centered activities based on the NEW science standards. 
  • Realistic goals, best practices, and simple explanations make teaching practical and rewarding.