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  • Staff are expected to demonstrate the highest possible standards of personal and professional conduct, and each employee has an individual responsibility to maintain their reputation and the reputation of the school, whether inside or outside of working hours.
  • Staff must have regard for the ethos and values of the school as well as its policies and procedures, and to act in accordance with these at all times. Staff should not undermine fundamental values, including democracy, individual liberty, and respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.
  • Staff should have a positive attitude, manner, appearance and work both efficiency and safely within the requirements of their contracts.
  • Staff are expected to always treat each other, pupils, parents and the wider school community with dignity and respect, and to build relationships in mutual respect, observing proper boundaries to a professional position at all times.
  • Staff should ensure that their personal beliefs are not expressed in ways which may cause offence to others within the school.
  • Staff must act in accordance with their duty of care to pupils and ensure that the safety and welfare of the children and young people at the school are accorded the highest priority.
  • Staff are expected to demonstrate excellent time keeping and adhere to the working hours of the school. Attendance is monitored daily. Persistent lateness and/or absence is unacceptable, and an action will be taken.